Support in times of need

Life is full of unexpected—and sometimes difficult—events, which can be overwhelming. The good news is that Adobe has a lot of benefits that can help. But sorting through them could be overwhelming too!

This page summarizes some of the most common resources for Adobe employees and family members when you need support the most. 

Spring Health EAP

24/7 support line

Lincoln Financial

Leaves of absence

Mental and emotional support

The employee assistance program (EAP) through Spring Health offers free, confidential therapy and resources to help Adobe employees and eligible family members.

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Time away from work

Take the time you need for your health and wellbeing.

Sick time

Exempt employees: You can take up to 10 days of sick time per year. If you’ll be out for more than five consecutive days, apply for a medical leave of absence.

Nonexempt employees: Your personal time off (PTO) [PDF] can be used for up to five days when you are ill. If you need more than five days, apply for a medical leave of absence.

Submit your time off request through Workday > Time Off & Leave > Request Time Off.


Take up to 20 working days of bereavement time per year to help ease the emotional, financial, and logistical burdens during the loss of an immediate family member.

Submit your bereavement time request through Workday > Time Off & Leave > Request Time Off.

Disaster and epidemic time off (DETO)

Take up to 20 working days of disaster and epidemic time off per year, as required by a significant event or epidemic.

Submit your DETO request through Workday > Time Off & Leave > Request Time Off.

Leave of absence

If you need to be away from work for an extended time because of your own medical needs or to care for someone else, a leave of absence may be appropriate.

Submit your leave request to Lincoln Financial Group (or SSO), or call an intake specialist at 800-459-3772.

Support following a death

TenCode Benefits provides support for Adobe employees and families following the death of a family member. Services include funeral planning, help with claim forms for life and accident benefits, notifying credit reporting agencies and the Social Security Administration, providing template letters, and other support. 

Submit a request for a referral to TenCode Benefits: employees | family members.

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Reasonable accommodation

If you have a limitation or restriction that prevents you from performing the essential functions of your job, Adobe will work with you and your doctor to provide reasonable accommodation, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other applicable laws. For details, review the reasonable accommodation policy.

To initiate the review process, submit a request via the Support Center.

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Other resources

These other Adobe programs can help you get through challenging times.

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