Professional development reimbursement

You may be reimbursed up to $1,000 per calendar year for short-term learning opportunities (e.g., conferences, webinars and online courses) to support your growth and development.


Who’s eligible?

All regular Adobe employees who are in good performance standing are eligible for this benefit. Regular employees include part-time employees who work the minimum hours required to be eligible for benefits. Interns and Adobe-paid temporary employees are not eligible, except where legally required. You must be employed with Adobe when the course begins and ends to receive reimbursement.

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What’s covered?

Adobe’s Learning Fund covers up to $1,000 per year for short-term learning opportunities (such as conferences, workshops, webinars, online learning, business-related books, language courses and professional memberships) directly related to your career growth at Adobe. Prior to signing up for a development program, discuss the opportunity with your manager to ensure it is aligned with the business and your career goals. 
The benefit only covers the cost of the learning opportunity; it does not cover travel, meal expenses, software, equipment or subscriptions to publications.

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Is the learning opportunity you’re considering eligible for Learning Fund reimbursement?

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How to claim your reimbursement

Once you have verbal approval from your manager, you may pay for your development opportunity. Then log in to your TRI-AD account (SSO) and follow these instructions:

  • Click the Professional Development tile.
  • Select Expense Type from the drop-down menu.
  • Complete all requested fields.
  • Upload your scanned receipts.
    • Note: Once you upload your receipts, your claim is automatically submitted.
  • Click Save.

Once your claim is approved, your manager will receive an automated email confirming your request. No further action is needed.

Reimbursements will be issued through Payroll within two pay periods of your successful claim submission. TRI-AD will notify you if there are any issues with your claim. Any claims submitted or approved after November 30 will be reimbursed the first payroll cycle in January.

Claims should be filed by December 30 of the current year. If you miss this deadline, you may file for paid expenses from the prior calendar year until May 31. Prior year expenses filed after May 31 will be applied to the current calendar year benefit.

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