Preventive care

Make the most of your Aetna plan by using your health and wellbeing resources.

Health assessment

Get a personalized snapshot of your health. Just log in to the Aetna website (or SSO), and click Health & Wellness > Stay Healthy. You’ll also find your health record and information about procedures, conditions, and treatments.

Your PCP

A primary care physician (PCP) is your home base for preventive and ongoing care and can help you find the right specialist when needed. Find an in-network PCP on the Aetna website (or SSO), or consider virtual primary care through Teladoc.

Routine preventive care

Get in-network checkups, screenings, vaccines, prenatal care, and contraceptives with no out-of-pocket cost [PDF]. Log in to the Aetna website (or SSO), and click Health & Wellness > Preventive Health Schedule to see your screening recommendations.

Men and women have unique health care needs. Read about special health topics and resources for men’s wellness [PDF] and women’s wellness [PDF].

For some preventive medications [PDF], you pay only your copay or coinsurance, with no deductible. And some essential prescribed medications [PDF] are available at no cost to you.


Flu shots and other vaccines are available at many locations, like from your PCP or in-network walk-in clinic. Aetna has also contracted with many retail locations [PDF]; just present your Aetna ID card. Also check out the CDC’s recommended immunization schedules.

The cost of COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots is covered in full for Aetna members. You will need to use an in-network provider starting January 1, 2024.