End of life planning

Take care of your loved ones with proper planning

Making end-of-life decisions is never easy. But when you have a solid plan in place for how to handle health and financial decisions, it eases the burdens on you and your family. Adobe has many resources to help you plan.

Legal decisions

If you are enrolled and need help drafting or revising a will, executing an estate or handling health care directives, the MetLife group legal plan offers you and your family value, convenience and comfort in knowing you can access legal services easily and at a low-cost. Even if you’re not enrolled in a MetLife plan, you can access their library of self-help documents.

Read the MetLife Plan Description [PDF], then visit the MetLife Legal Plan website or call 800-821-6400.

Survivor benefits

Use your life insurance/AD&D benefits to provide for your loved ones if you or a covered dependent dies. Financial protection benefits are available at basic and supplemental levels for you, your covered spouse/domestic partner and/or children. Get details on your plan options, how to enroll, and how to make selections and/or changes to your life insurance.

Emotional support

In the event of a sudden death or illness, you'll experience a whole host of emotions. Consider reaching out to our EAP.

A few other tips

  • Use your health plan to effectively make preparations for how to pay for treatments and/or ease you or your loved one's comfort at end-of-life.
  • Take the time off that you need to deal with the difficulties of bereavement. Schedule time away appropriately with your manager.
  • Ensure that beneficiary designations for your retirement plans are up-to-date.