Dental and vision plans

Recent changes Delta Dental has made with in-network dental providers may affect some Adobe employees and their covered dependents.

If your dentist no longer accepts Delta Dental insurance, you can search for a new in-network provider on Adobe’s Delta Dental page. Adobe continues to monitor this industry-wide situation to ensure employees and their families have access to high quality dental care at the lowest cost possible.

Visit Delta Dental

Adobe offers comprehensive dental and vision benefits. You have one dental and two vision plans to choose from in the continental U.S. If you move to Hawaii or go on a long-term international assignment, your dental and vision plans are bundled with a medical plan.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental covers your dental care needs, from regular checkups to orthodontia. Under the Delta Dental plan, you can use any licensed dentist, but your out-of-pocket costs will be lower when you use Premier dentists and the lowest when you use PPO dentists. If you use non-Delta dentists, you’re responsible for your percentage share plus any amounts the dentist charges above the usual and customary rate (UCR). Whatever dentist you use, the plan pays 100% for all diagnostic and preventive care services (with no deductible), 80%–90% of basic care, 50%–60% of major care and 50% of orthodontic treatments (up to $2,500/lifetime per individual).

For treatment more than $300, have your dentist submit a predetermination of benefits to Delta Dental so you know how much your plan will pay before you receive services. Some services are not covered; review the Limitations section of the Delta Dental evidence of coverage [PDF].

VSP Vision Basic and VSP Vision Plus plans

Watch this video from VSP regarding Blue Light Glasses:

The VSP Basic and Vision Plus plans both cover most of your vision care needs. The Vision Plus plan offers lower copays for retinal screenings, a higher level of coverage for frames and contact lenses, and coverage for a second pair of glasses or contacts. While you receive the best overall benefits when seeing VSP network doctors, you also have access to VSP retail chain affiliate partners, including Costco Optical.


Eyeconic [PDF] is VSP’s online retail store that allows members to use their benefits to buy glasses and contact lenses. There is virtual try-on, free shipping, and returns. All prescriptions are verified by the Eyeconic Team with the eye doctor, and members can go to any VSP Provider to have the eyeglasses adjusted or for a contact lens consultation.