Managing an illness

Whether you’re managing a chronic condition, coping with a new diagnosis, or need extra help with a claim question, these Adobe resources are available to all benefits-eligible U.S. employees—at no cost to you. You don’t even have to be enrolled in an Adobe medical plan to use these services.

AccessHope cancer support

If you’re facing a cancer diagnosis, you can contact AccessHope for expert advisory review of your case and treatment plan. They’ll collaborate with your physician to share insights and recommendations on advanced therapies to identify the best path for your treatment. Listen to how AccessHope can help.

A team of experienced oncology nurses is also available by phone for appointment details, treatment information and emotional support.

AccessHope is available to you, your spouse/domestic partner and children under age 26. Just call 833-971-4673 or visit

For Adobe Aetna members with certain complex and rare cancers, AccessHope automatically reviews medical records and treatment plans to help ensure you are receiving the best care possible. If you are an Aetna member, also review Cancer Support Benefits and Resources [PDF].

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Teladoc Medical Experts

If you’re facing a serious health condition or a surgery, Teladoc Medical Experts (formerly Best Doctors) can help you make clear and informed medical decisions. Listen to how Teladoc Medical Experts can help. Services are provided at no cost to eligible employees, including:

  • Expert second opinions from leading specialists (includes mental health)
  • Answers to questions about your diagnosis
  • Help deciding on a treatment option—even while you are admitted to the hospital
  • Confirming if an elective surgery is right for you
  • Help finding a local expert who specializes in your condition (includes mental health)

Teladoc Medical Experts is available to you, your spouse/domestic partner, children, siblings, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law and grandchildren. Call 800-835-2362 or visit Aetna members with a Teladoc account do not need to reregister.

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CareCounsel [PDF] can help you select a medical plan, answer general questions on how health care works and help with claims and billing. They can also help you navigate your Medicare options. Call 833-605-6941 to speak with a member care specialist.

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Nurse care manager (Aetna only)

Aetna’s nurse care managers [PDF] provide one-on-one support if you’re facing a serious medical condition. Your dedicated nurse care manager can help you work better with your doctor, get needed follow-up care and much more.

If you would benefit from the program, a nurse may call to invite you to participate. Take the call—it’s confidential and free! Learn more, and join on your own on the Aetna website (SSO) or by calling your Aetna service advocate at the number on your Aetna ID card.

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Care to help you cope

Adobe offers many resources to support you and your family in coping with a diagnosis, grief and loss, treatment impact or the stress of caring for a loved one.

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