Managing an illness

Whether you’re managing a known chronic condition or coping with a new diagnosis, coordinating the right resources and assistance can seem overwhelming. However, you can rest a little easier knowing your Adobe benefits can guide you toward helpful medical care.

Expert medical help

With Best Doctors, get an expert second opinion on any medical diagnosis or treatment plan and much more—at no cost to you. Best Doctors provides access to more than 53,000 of the world’s best doctors at your fingertips! All services are conveniently provided by phone or online, so no need to visit a doctor or leave home. Best Doctors is available to benefits-eligible employees (even if not enrolled in Adobe’s medical plans) and to their family (spouse, children, siblings, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law and grandchildren).

Contact Best Doctors when you or your family have one of the following medical needs:

  • Expert second opinion: Best Doctors will collect your medical records, tests and samples and have them reviewed by an expert physician who specializes in your condition. The expert will either confirm your diagnosis and treatment plan or recommend a change—giving you the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Mental Health Navigator: Similar to the expert second opinion service, you will receive a confidential, virtual expert review of mental health conditions including a review of your mental health diagnosis and treatment plan by a leading psychiatrist.  This will include a detailed action plan and guidance from a dedicated Mental Health Navigator to help you or your dependent find and stay on the path to recovery.
  • Critical care support: Call on Best Doctors for guidance if you experience a medical event that requires emergency treatment, intensive care or an extended hospital stay.
  • Ask the expert: Fast answers to your medical questions
  • Find a doctor: Best Doctors can provide data-driven referrals to the highest quality, in-network primary care and specialty providers.
  • Medical records eSummary: Have all your medical records collected, organized, and provided to you on a secure flash drive for future doctor visits. You will also receive a personal Health Alert Summary based on the records collected, giving you a total snapshot of your medical wellness.

Contact Best Doctors at 866-904-0910 or visit Aetna members can also log into their Teladoc/Aetna account to request a Best Doctors expert opinion.

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Confirming a diagnosis

Getting an unexpected medical diagnosis is scary, but knowing what you’re dealing with can inform and empower you to face the situation head on. To help you confirm your diagnosis, your Adobe benefits support you and your care team through:

  • Covered specialist visits and lab tests recommended by your primary doctor. Understand your plan’s coverage to prepare you for treatment costs.
  • Best Doctors can review your diagnosis and treatment plan. If you’re facing a serious medical situation, let a Best Doctor review your diagnosis and treatment plan. Call 866-904-0910 or visit to get started

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Creating a treatment plan

Adobe covers many of the treatments, services and doctor’s visits you’ll need, depending on your medical plan. It’s important to have upfront conversations with your providers about what’s covered and what’s cost-effective so you can create an effective treatment strategy.

However, creating a successful treatment plan involves more than figuring out dollars and deductibles. As you deal with your illness, Adobe benefits can help you:

  • Find quality care and compare providers. You can contact Best Doctors. They’ll search for a renowned expert voted “best in class” by their fellow doctors and let you know if one is nearby.
  • Take sick time away from work. If you need to take off more than 7 calendar days, you can request a leave of absence. Discuss your treatment plan with your doctor, then talk to your manager about your need for time off.

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Finding support

You’re not in it alone. Adobe offers services to support you while you’re managing an illness:

  • Your Aetna Health Concierge [PDF] can help you better understand—and make the most of—your health and wellness benefits.
  • An Aetna Nurse Care Manager [PDF] can help with the challenges of facing a serious medical condition. You’ll have one-on-one help and support from a trained nurse to better understand your condition(s), follow your doctor’s recommended treatment regimen, stay on track with medications and help you navigate and coordinate your care. You get a single point of contact for numerous conditions, ranging from diabetes and osteoporosis, to heart disease and cancer and for acute issues such as surgeries and injuries. If you would benefit from the program, a nurse may be in touch to invite you to participate. Take the call—it’s confidential and free! Learn more and join on your own on the Aetna website (SSO) or by calling your Health Concierge at the number on your Aetna ID card.
  • CareCounsel can assist you with plan selection, healthcare education,  claims and billing—troubleshooting any issues if required. Services are available to all regular employees—even if not enrolled in Adobe’s medical plans—at no cost to you. Call 833-605-6941 to speak with a member care specialist.
  • Various emotional wellbeing programs provide confidential support services to you and your family to help cope with a diagnosis, grief and loss, treatment impact or the stress of caring for a loved one.

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