Medical plan coverage


Get the care you need for COVID-19

During this time of heightened concern for public health, our medical plan partners are making it easier and more affordable to get the care you need.

Aetna members
Aetna will waive the member cost for all diagnostic testing related to COVID-19. Through May 2020, Aetna will waive the member cost for Teladoc visits to limit potential exposure in physician offices. Any other care, including office visits, would be covered with your plan’s usual cost sharing after you meet your deductible.

For care and advice:

  • Call 800-556-1555 to speak with a registered nurse anytime at no cost.
  • Get care without leaving home through Teladoc at no cost.
  • Call your primary care physician, or log in to the Aetna website (Okta SSO) or Aetna app to find a network provider. 

Kaiser members
There will be no copay for medically necessary screening and testing for COVID-19 through any Kaiser provider. Any further care would be covered with the usual copays. Call the advice number on your Kaiser membership card to discuss the most appropriate care option or to schedule a telephone or video appointment with your doctor where available.

Adobe designs our health care plans to provide you with comprehensive and affordable care. This page summarizes some of the areas of coverage. For more, review the 2020 medical plan chart [PDF]. You can also find complete coverage details in our plan documents. Once enrolled, you can log in to your plan’s member portal to learn more.

See Saving on health care for additional help in using your plan wisely.

Getting ready to enroll? Go to Choosing a medical plan to compare your options.

On this page, you will find information about

Aetna coverage

Manage your care and learn how to get the most out of your health plan on the Aetna website (Okta SSO), or call the Aetna Health Concierge or an Aetna Nurse Care Manager at 800-884-9565.

Aetna plan provisions

Plan Provisions HealthSave
(In-Network/ Out-of-Network)
HealthSave Basic
(In-Network/ Out-of-Network)
HealthSave Out of Area
Annual Deductible Individual: $1,400/$2,800
Family: $2,800/$5,600
Individual: $1,700/$3,400
Family: $3,400/$6,800
Individual: $1,400
Family: $2,800
Preventive Care Plan pays 100%
Deductible waived if in-network
Plan pays 100%
Deductible waived if in-network
Plan pays 100%
Deductible waived if in-network
Office Visit, Outpatient Services
(after deductible)
Plan pays 90%/70% Plan pays 80%/60% Plan pays 80%
Inpatient Services
(after deductible, with precertification)
Plan pays 90%/70% Plan pays 80%/60% Plan pays 80%
30-Day Retail Prescriptions
(after deductible)
$15 generic
$45 brand-name drug on Aetna Performance Drug List
$65 other brand-name drug
$15 generic
$45 brand-name drug on Aetna Performance Drug List
$65 other brand-name drug
$15 generic
$45 brand-name drug on Aetna Performance Drug List
$65 other brand-name drug
Out-of-Pocket Maximum
(includes deductible)
Individual: $3,000/$5,600
Family: $6,900/$11,200
Individual: $4,400/$7,700
Family: $8,150/$15,400
Individual: $3,000
Family: $6,900

Log in to the Aetna website (Okta SSO) to access your personalized, secure account to help you manage your health benefits. You can:

  • Find care: Search for doctors, specialists and facilities by name or by category. Network providers will save you money, and they file claims and get any necessary advance approvals, so you don’t have to. If you use an out-of-network provider, you may be responsible for the entire difference between what the provider bills and the recognized charge [PDF]. That difference can be large, and the additional amount does not count toward your out-of-pocket maximum.
  • Manage prescriptions: Check drug coverage and costs; sign up for Rx Home Delivery; use Aetna Specialty Pharmacy if you take specialty medications. If you take preventive medications, note that some medications [PDF] are not subject to the plan deductible.
  • Manage your health: Join a free health-management program.
  • Access health care records and support: View your Health Dashboard; complete a health assessment; see your personal health record; enroll in online health coaching; get health decision support from Emmi.
  • Learn about coverage for personal travel outside the country: While there is no international network available, there is coverage. Covered services incurred out of the U.S. are eligible for reimbursement under the out-of-network portion of your benefits. If you have expenses, you’ll need to submit a completed claim form and include the itemized bill and receipt for the services to obtain reimbursement.

Additional support

Adobe’s Aetna plans provide support for special conditions and needs:

Kaiser coverage

Manage your care and learn how to get the most out of your plan by logging in to your Kaiser member portal ( or You may also call 800-464-4000 in California or 888-901-4636 in Washington.

You pay copays for most eligible services, but be sure to review your Kaiser plan booklet for full details. You must use Kaiser doctors, pharmacies and facilities, and your care is subject to referrals from your primary care physician.

Plan Provisions Kaiser HMO
Annual Deductible None
Preventive Care Plan pays 100%
Office Visit, Outpatient Services You pay $20
Hospitalization, Inpatient Services You pay $100 per admission
30-Day Retail Prescriptions $15 generic
$45 brand-name 
$45 specialty
Out-of-Pocket Maximum Individual: $3,000
Family: $6,000

Manage your care online, by phone and at Kaiser facilities. You can access many services under one roof at most locations and get health advice 24/7.

  • A healthy partnership: Your doctor is the biggest advocate for your health. Choose your own doctor, who coordinates your care as needed, and you can change doctors anytime.
  • Healthy resources: Access convenient tools to help you stay well—from health classes at Kaiser facilities to one-on-one support from a wellness coach.
  • Fertility benefits: Your plan covers services for diagnosis and treatment of infertility. The plan pays 90% and you pay 10% for covered services. All services related to covered assisted reproductive technology (e.g., IVF, GIFT, ZIFT, transfer of cryopreserved embryos) are subject to one treatment cycle per lifetime maximum. For Kaiser fertility benefits coverage details, review the Infertility section of your Kaiser Evidence of Coverage booklet. Your member website ( or also has additional information. If you have any questions or need help getting started, contact your primary care physician or member services.
  • Care while traveling: Before you head off on that vacation, understand what services are covered, so you’re prepared for what might come up when you’re away. Go to, or call the Away from Home Travel Line at 951-268-3900 for assistance.