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We understand that life doesn't stop when you leave work—caring for your family is your top priority, and we want to assist you in doing so. Learn more about the benefits to support you in balancing your life beyond the workplace.

Bright Horizons Care Advantage

To help you better manage your many work, family and personal responsibilities, Bright Horizons offers many different solutions. Visit to explore these benefits. For assistance, you may also call 877-BH-CARES (877-242-2737).

Backup child and adult/elder care

When your child care or adult care arrangement falls through, Adobe offers a backup care program through Bright Horizons to provide temporary care for your loved ones so you can be at work. The program offers up to 100 hours of care (with a copayment) for a variety of family needs, like:

  • Child care: Center-based and in-home child care is available through a high-quality network of Bright Horizon facilities and providers. When your child is mildly ill, in-home care also available by home health care professionals.
  • Adult care: In-home care is available for your adult relatives including parents, adult children, spouse/domestic partner and in-laws. Providers can help care for a family member who requires homemaker or companion services (such as household tasks, cooking, shopping and laundry), personal care services (such as help with dressing, bathing and toileting), or even medical care (such as the administration of medication, dressing and wound care, and blood pressure and diabetes monitoring).
  • Self-care: In-home care is also available if you need any of the assistance listed in the adult care description above.

Register and access more detailed program information at Bright Horizons. If you have not registered, use User Name: ASI and Password: backupcare2 for your initial registration. You may also call 877-BH-CARES (877-242-2737).

Once fully registered, access the BackUp Care App to reserve care on the go. Search “BackUp Care” or “Bright Horizons” on the app store or download it today so you can quickly submit new backup care requests and find nearby child care centers—all from your mobile device.

Additional family support

  • Babysitters, nannies & housekeepers and pet care: Enjoy free access to Sittercity’s comprehensive database of sitters, nannies and housekeepers—the largest database of its kind. Find the help you need by searching listings or posting a job yourself. In addition, Sittercity lets you search at your convenience for dog walkers, groomers, trainers and more—when you use this online service.
  • Center-based child care: Find Bright Horizons child care centers nationwide with preferred enrollment access and take advantage of exclusive tuition discounts (up to 10%) at participating high-quality centers across the country.
  • Elder care: Your Bright Horizons benefit connects you to guidance and resources you can select for ongoing elder care needs.
  • Tutoring, test prep & homework help: Access exclusive discounts on high-quality tutoring and test prep services for your school-age children in grades K-12 through Bright Study.

Visit Bright Horizons and look for “Additional Family Support” to access these programs. You may also call 877-BH-CARES (877-242-2737).

Family Matters Resource room

The Resource Room provides valuable information and resources on parenting; education from the early years through college admissions; caring for adult or elder relatives and senior care planning; effectively integrating family, personal life and career—and much more!

Support for children who need extra help

If your child has special needs, such as autism; ADHD; or learning, social or emotional disabilities, Bright Horizons can connect you to the resources and support you need.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

If you or someone in your family needs help balancing the demands of work, life and personal issues, contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The confidential, round-the-clock service is available at no cost to you through Aetna. It's available for Kaiser members, too. The EAP also provides free Care Kits [PDF] for life events such as having a baby.

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Stanford Health Navigation service

Adobe is part of the Stanford Medicine Corporate Partners program. This partnership gives you access to Stanford Health Navigation, which you can contact with questions about any health-related problem or concern. Navigators can assist you regardless of your location or insurance plan and can reduce the time, money and anxiety that may be associated with managing you or your family's health care needs. You also have access to the Stanford Health Library, through which you can conduct customized research, at no charge, about medical or health-related issues. U.S. employees can also get advocacy help with complex health benefits and insurance claims problems by asking to be connected with a CareCounsel Member Care Specialist. For assistance, call 855-236-1189 or email

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Adoption assistance

Adopting a child is an exciting and happy time. The adoption assistance program through Tri-Ad gives you a $25,000 reimbursement for eligible adoption expenses. You may be reimbursed for two separate adoptions for a lifetime maximum of $50,000. Eligible expenses include:

  • Adoption fees
  • Court costs and attorney's fees
  • Travel expenses

The benefit is available as soon as the adoption is final. Be sure to submit your claim for reimbursement no later than May 31 of the following year.

View the adoption assistance program overview [PDF], FAQs [PDF] and deadlines for claims submission and reimbursement. [PDF]

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Surrogacy assistance

We recognize that families are formed in many ways, and Adobe's surrogacy assistance is designed to support you on your journey. Adobe will reimburse you for nonmedical expenses associated with surrogacy, up to $25,000 per event, with a lifetime maximum of two events.

Regular employees scheduled to work at least 24 hours per week are eligible for this benefit as soon as the surrogacy is final. Be sure to submit your reimbursement claim to Tri-Ad no later than May 31 of the following year.

View the surrogacy assistance program overview [PDF] and FAQs [PDF].

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Fertility support

If you’re struggling with fertility issues, you’re not alone. Many people need assistance with planning and starting a family, and Adobe provides generous fertility-related benefits, whether you have an Aetna or Kaiser medical plan. Examples of covered medical treatments include:

  • Fertility drugs
  • Artificial insemination
  • Ovulation induction
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Gamete/zygote intrafallopian transfer (GIFT/ZIFT)
  • Cryopreserved embryo transfer
  • Intracyctoplastic sperm injection (ICSI) or ovum microsurgery

See additional highlights for your plan: Aetna Fertility Benefits [PDF], Kaiser Fertility Benefits [PDF] or > Fertility Benefit. You may also refer to your medical plan’s booklet and schedule of benefits for more details. Contact their member services teams to learn more and get started.

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Breast milk transportation

Milk Stork is a breast milk delivery service for moms traveling on Adobe business. The service provides no-fuss, refrigerated, express shipping or easy toting of breast milk home to your baby.

Here’s how Milk Stork works:

  • Pump according to your regular nursing schedule and refrigerate your milk.
  • Activate the cooling unit in your Milk Stork cooler. Then, pack your refrigerated breast milk.
  • Schedule a FedEx pickup on your own, or ask your hotel for help. Your breast milk will be overnighted home. Or carry your cooler of milk home with you in the Milk Stork tote.

To learn more or schedule service, visit Milk Stork or call 888-207-6909.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Support Program

If your family is affected by an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis, Aetna’s Autism Spectrum Disorder Support Program will work with you to make sure you have all the support you need.

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Voluntary insurance benefits

We provide a range of benefits to make sure you have the protection you need. Take a look at insurance offers for your pet, home & auto and long-term health care needs.

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Survivor Outreach Services

Survivor Outreach Services provides individual support for employees and their families following the death of a family member. Services include funeral planning, help with claim forms for life and accident benefits, notifying credit reporting agencies, notifying the Social Security Administration, providing template letters and other resources. Contact the Employee Experience team for a referral to Survivor Outreach Services or for more information.

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