Physical wellbeing

At Adobe, our wellbeing matters. It’s part of our mindset and culture, and we all have a role to play. Learn more about Adobe’s global Wellbeing strategy [PDF].

We want you to feel well so you can perform at your best, both professionally and personally. That's why we offer support for getting and staying well.

Wellness reimbursement program

We want to help you and your immediate family members maintain a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. We will reimburse you up to $600 per year for gym memberships, bike share memberships, fitness classes, massages, nutritional counseling and much more. Don't get stuck in the same old routine—try a new program on us! Review the Wellness Reimbursement Program page for more information.

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We know small changes lead to big results, and that’s why Adobe employees love LifeDojo, a wellbeing app that allows you to design your own program based on your personal goals and interests. LifeDojo lets you pick from 30 habits to focus on, choose your own life coach and get smarter about how you approach wellbeing with interesting articles and videos. Health changes do not have to be difficult or complex—one simple change is really all it takes to improve wellbeing.

One of the best ways to increase the likelihood that you’ll stick to a health goal is to have the support of another person to keep you accountable and share the experience with, which is why you can now invite one person in your family or household to join LifeDojo at no cost. Choose your habit. Choose your goal. Make your change.

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Aetna health and wellness resources

If you’re an Aetna member, make the most of your health plan by using their health and wellbeing resources:

  • Take a health assessment. A health risk assessment is one of the best ways to get a personalized snapshot of your health. Start now! Just log in to the Aetna website (SSO) and click Health & WellnessStay Healthy. Access your health assessment, health record and personalized health and wellness programs. You can also get helpful information about procedures, conditions and treatments.
  • Find a PCP.  A primary care physician (PCP) is your home base for preventive and ongoing care and can help you find the right specialist when needed. Log into your Aetna member website to search for a PCP near you or consider Aetna virtual primary care through Teladoc.
  • Preventive care. Getting routine care is a key part of staying healthy. Get in-network checkups, screenings, vaccines, prenatal care, contraceptives and more with no out-of-pocket costs as part of preventive care. See the Preventive Care With No Out-of-Pocket Costs [PDF] list. Log in to the Aetna website (SSO) and click Health & Wellness > Preventive Health Schedule to see your screening recommendations.
  • More on adult care. Men and women have unique healthcare needs and concerns at every age. Read about special health topics and resources for men’s wellness [PDF] and for women’s wellness [PDF].
  • Vaccinations. Flu shots and other vaccine services are available at many locations, like from your PCP or in-network walk-in clinic. But you can also go to some retail locations. To help you protect yourself against the flu and other conditions, Aetna has contracted with the following retail locations for flu shots and other vaccine services. Just present your Aetna medical ID card to staff prior to receiving services. See CDC Immunization schedules and COVID-19 vaccine information.
  • Preventive medicine. In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, taking preventive medications can help you avoid or better manage many illnesses and conditions. For some preventive medications [PDF], you can bypass the deductible and just pay your copay or co-insurance, and some HRC essential prescribed medications [PDF] are available at no cost to you.

Manage your care and learn how to get the most out of your health plan on the Aetna website (SSO), or call the Aetna health concierge at 800-884-9565. The number is on your Aetna member ID card.

See more COVID-19 medical coverage information.

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Kaiser health and wellness resources

If you’re a Kaiser Permanente member, make the most of your health plan by using their health and wellbeing resources:

Learn more by logging in to your Kaiser member portal. If you have questions or need help, call Member Services at 800-464-4000 (CA) or 888-901-4636 (WA).

See more COVID-19 medical coverage information.

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Women’s health

Whether you’re planning a family, in menopause, or experiencing another common health concern for women, Adobe benefits through Aetna and Kaiser are available to support you. 

  • Women’s preventive health care – Preventive care lets you and your doctor know what’s going on with your health and can reveal potential problems. Your Adobe benefits cover in-network routine physical exams, well-woman exams, mammograms, cervical cancer screenings or a Pap smear, vaccines, and certain preventive medications at 100%. See the Aetna health and wellness resources and Kaiser health and wellness resources
  • Menopause – Menopause is a natural part of growing older. If you’re having symptoms of menopause, your benefits offer ways to help you manage your symptoms and enjoy a better quality of life; Aetna members should refer to women’s wellness [PDF]. If you have questions about menopause coverage, Aetna members should call the Aetna health concierge at 800-884-9565. The number is on your Aetna member ID card.
    Kaiser members should refer to your plan booklet for coverage details and contact your doctor for next steps.
  • Fertility benefits – If you need help expanding your family, your Adobe Aetna and Kaiser medical plan benefits offer infertility treatment options, including fertility drugs, surgery, artificial insemination, and assisted reproductive technology. Aetna members can read about Aetna fertility benefits, and Kaiser members can review Kaiser fertility benefits
  • Maternity support – Adobe Aetna and Kaiser Permanente medical plan members have access to expert maternity care and advice from obstetricians, nurses, and lactation consultants and resources to guide you through every step from prenatal care to taking care of baby to navigating your benefits. See the personal and family services page for details.
  • Contraceptives – Women’s generic and OTC contraceptive drugs and devices are covered 100% when obtained at an in-network pharmacy. Aetna members can view a list of preventive medications [PDF] available with no deductible—just pay your copay or coinsurance—and a list of some health care reform essential prescribed medications [PDF] that are available at no cost to you. See your plan’s schedule of benefits for coverage details. 
  • Abortion – In the U.S., Adobe’s health care plans offer consistent access to care and resources, independent of the state where you live. Specifically:
    • The Aetna medical plans cover abortion services and will reimburse travel expenses (subject to IRS limits) if traveling 100 miles or more, for an employee or dependent, to a state that can provide these services.
    • Kaiser plan participants are covered for abortion services throughout the Kaiser service area. Please contact your health care provider for more details.
    • For coverage details, see your plan’s booklet and schedule of benefits, and contact your medical plan if you have any questions. 
  • Other support – Building a family takes a village—and a variety of supports along the way. They are highlighted on the personal and family services page

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Flu shots

Adobe is hosting onsite flu vaccination clinics at select sites. If you aren’t able to participate in one of these clinics, flu vaccines are covered at 100% by your Aetna or Kaiser medical plans and you can get a flu vaccine at your doctor’s office, local health clinic or pharmacy.

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Smoking-cessation program

Learn about programs and resources that can help you quit smoking [PDF—You must be logged in to Inside Adobe to access the links within the PDF.].

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Wellness centers

Enjoy a wide range of programs and services at onsite, fully equipped wellness centers, available at the San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle and Lehi office locations.

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Nutritional Coaching & Guidance

Through the complimentary RDN Office Hours program, employees can receive one-on-one nutritional coaching sessions with Adobe’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). Employees can also utilize a variety of nutrition resources such as Adobe’s exclusive nutrition podcast, Healthy Eating for Humans, monthly newsletters from Adobe’s RDN covering nutrition tips, healthy recipes, and invitations to special nutrition-focused events, and the Adobe Nutrition Slack channel for community news and nutrition conversations.

To learn more and to book a 1:1 nutrition consultation, visit the Physical Wellbeing Page1:1 consultations are only available to U.S. employees and are not eligible for family members of U.S. employees at this time.

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Executive health

Adobe recognizes your significant role as one of its leaders and offers valuable benefits to encourage you to focus on your health and well-being.  If you are director-level or above, you are eligible for the executive health program (EHP). If you are an SVP or above and an officer of the company, you may elect the EHP or executive concierge medicine. These programs are voluntary, you may enroll or opt out on the Adobe benefits enrollment site within 15 days from your hire or promotion date and during the annual benefits Open Enrollment period.

Executive health program (EHP): Director-level or above employees are eligible for the EHP. This program provides an Adobe-paid complete physical examination at approved clinics on an annual basis. The EHP does not cover any services beyond the annual physical examination. Read the executive health program [PDF] policy for more details. Then call one of the four approved clinics participating in the Adobe executive health program to schedule your appointment. Be sure to identify yourself as an Adobe employee and present your Aetna EHP ID card (the card will say “Executive Physical Only” on it). Not to worry, if you don’t have a card in hand you can still make an appointment and print one on demand. If you are not located near one of the clinics, you may want to schedule a future appointment to align with an upcoming trip to that area.

Executive concierge medicine: If you are an SVP or above and an officer of the company, you may elect the EHP or concierge medicine. Concierge medicine is a primary care practice that is offered as part of Stanford Hospitals & Clinics. This high touch membership program provides you with unparalleled access to your Stanford primary care physician. This program does not provide medical insurance coverage. When you access healthcare services, you’ll be asked for your medical insurance details for billing. (If you are enrolled in an HMO plan, you should not elect this program.) The concierge medicine membership cost is covered by Adobe and shows on your paycheck as imputed income. Adobe will provide you a gross-up amount to help offset your tax liability. 

If you are new to concierge medicine, contact Stanford to complete their new patient registration process at 650-736-5370 or They’ll guide you through the process and provide you with a new patient enrollment packet.

If you need assistance making your executive health election on the Adobe benefits enrollment site or have any questions, call Adobe’s Benefits Support Team at 855-898-4218.

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The Headspace app gives you access to short, guided meditation sessions—delivered straight to your phone or browser—that help you manage your stress, sleep better, find your focus, boost your creativity and achieve more balance in your life.

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Employee assistance program (EAP)

If you or someone in your family needs help balancing the demands of work, life and personal issues, contact the employee assistance program (EAP). The confidential, round-the-clock service is available at no cost to you through Spring Health. Visit to sign up and activate your benefits. For immediate help 24/7, call the Spring Health Immediate/Crisis Support Line: 855-629-0554 (toll free).

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